My name is Geneva Pedersen and in 2007, I began Treasure Breads, Inc. with the goal of teaching my then three year old son the importance of helping children in need, a one day project of baking and selling yummy cinnamon sweet bread at a neighborhood garage sale has remarkably turned into an exciting and successful family business! In 2010, my younger sister, Rena came aboard and today, she and I run the company out of our commercial kitchen in Yorkville, IL. Today, Treasure Breads donates 10% of all sales to local women and children in need.

Treasure Breads are the perfect gift, anytime grab and go luxury treat, and also the ideal fundraising product. Something magical happens when people receive a loaf of Treasure Bread. Maybe it’s because it represents home…and goodness…and old-fashioned family values. Maybe it’s because it is something that can be enjoyed right now with their loved ones. Or…maybe…it’s because it’s just plain delicious! No matter the reason, we know you’ll find that our product is a powerful way to show those in your world that they are truly treasured!

TREASURE BREADS, INC. is currently run by Geneva Pedersen, M.A. and her sister Rena Pedersen, J.D. The girls say, “TREASURE BREADS, INC. is full of magic and surprises. We are having the time of our lives!”

Treasure Today the Traditional Way