Gourmet bread, tastes like pure gold


A few words by Geneva Pedersen, CEO written in December 2007.

Last year, I realized that it was time to teach our three year old son that there are little boys and girls in the world who are less fortunate. We began baking one of our favorite bread recipes together, selling the bread at garage sales in our neighborhood, and then donating the proceeds to needy children.

Magically, every person who tried a sample of our succulent bread bought a loaf. We soon moved up to our local Farmer's Market and almost a year (and 1000 loaves) later, people just can't seem to get enough of our delicious TREASURE BREADS® . We want to share our story and our breads with the whole world!


TREASURE BREADS, INC. is currently run by Geneva Pedersen, M.A. and her sister Rena Pedersen, J.D. The girls say, "TREASURE BREADS, INC. is full of magic and surprises. We are having the time of our lives!"

Gourmet bread the traditional way